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Rising Dusk

Avoid the coins! A unique mechanic that will have you battling every instinct to get everything. There’s a multitude of collectables, but can you resist collecting them all?

Rising Dusk

16-bit meets Studio Ghibli art style.

Encounter all sorts of ghosts and demons drawn from Japanese mythology — some harmless, others not so much. Whether Tamako makes it home or not rests on your ability to tell friend from foe.


Explore the world of Rising Dusk

Over 20+ levels! Travel through Rice Fields, Castle Towns, Hot Springs, and more, filled with an assortment of ghosts, ghouls and demons that rise in the dusk and play through the night.

Rising Dusk

Every coin you collect has consequence!

Scattered throughout each level are blocks that react to the number of coins you have. Overcome these devious puzzles and you’ll earn yourself a whole bunch of prizes!