Heroes Trials

Hero skill test

Show the principal of the Heroes Academy that you have what it takes to become the champion of your homeland. He has set up 13 trials to test the final candidates for the title of Hero. Overcome them before you run out of time and don’t let the other contenders reach the Tower of Akron before you!
Heroes Trials

Choose your playstyle

Switch between a sword fighter and a magic wielder by the touch of a button. Take advantage of the melee attacks of Zoel and the magic spells of Elia to advance through dungeons, solve puzzles and defeat bosses in battles highly influenced by the environment.

Heroes Trials

Enjoy different gameplays

Although this is an adventure game, you will find some stages reminiscent of traditional shooting games, played from top-down view. You are free to explore the whole map, but bear in mind that running out of time will reset your progress from the latest trial cleared!